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As a nonprofit leader, I learned exactly how to inspire people to invest in lasting solutions for their community. I bring that expertise into copywriting, helping people connect with your business and invest in the solutions you offer.

I love working with businesses and nonprofits that are setting the world on fire! (In a good way...) If it's your mission to add some goodness, it's my mission to write your copy!

Unique Insight for Stellar Copy

Special Skills

- Making you sound awesome

- Persuading your audience to take action

- Thinking creatively to solve your puzzles

- Nailing your brand voice

- Drinking coffee with a lot of cream and little sugar

Working With Me Makes Your Job Easy

Step 1 Discovery Call: We discuss your goals and how I can help you reach them.

Step 2 Proposal: An outline of the scope of the project, and the total cost.

Step 3 Creative Brief: We'll get into the nuts and bolts of how the project will look, sound, and feel.

Step 4 Creative Review: I write some stellar copy for you. And you give me feedback so you're 1000% satisfied.

Step 5 Implementation: You put the copy to work and calculate your ROI. Let me know how the copy is performing and what you want to work on next!

Easy, peasy.

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