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Does the Circuit Sales System Actually Work?

A review of the anti-launch formula that 40x the creator’s business

If you have a course or coaching program, you may have come across the Circuit Sales System in your feed. It’s a sales and messaging system that helps you sell your offer every. single. day. On autopilot. Sounds amazing, right? But does the Circuit Sales System actually work? The answer to that question has some nuance.

As with every course and product, the Circuit Sales System isn’t for everyone. As a copywriter, copy coach, and CEO about to launch my own Circuit, I hope this review will help you figure out if the System is right for you. I’m including affiliate links in this post, and I may receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase.


In any event, I hope this info helps you make a choice for your business that you feel great about!

How the Circuit Sales System Works for Your Customer

The Circuit Sales System promises to make your life easier. No more stressful live launches! No more low-conversion evergreen offers! And I’m really excited for you to have a stress-free experience with excellent conversion rates!

But I’m a copywriter. I’m committed to your audience first and foremost. And I’m trained to put their needs before yours. (Sorry! I just really want them to buy from you!)

The Circuit Sales System works because it does just that – puts your customer’s needs first.

(The happy byproduct is that you get to relax while the process unfolds automatically.)

woman looking excited and accomplished doing a fist pump while looking down at her computer

The backbone of CSS is effective copy that creates a genuine connection between you and your audience. Inside the course, there’s a framework carefully laid out to guide you in crafting the most compelling messaging you’ve ever crafted in your life. You’ll create things like…


  • A non-webinar to draw people in and showcase your unique expertise

  • Emails to generate excitement and buzz

  • Sales pages that emphasize the value of your offer

But messaging is just the beginning. CSS stands head-and-shoulders over every other launch course because of timing.

How the Circuit Sales System Works for YOU

The trouble with the standard model of live launching is that your schedule won’t always line up with your lead’s. And so they won’t necessarily be ready to buy when it’s convenient for you to sell.

With a Circuit in place, you get to deliver your most compelling messages at the exact moment your lead is most likely to buy.

It’s magical.

The Circuit Sales System works by giving your leads automated deadlines that perfectly align with their schedule. You create anticipation and scarcity on a schedule that’s unique to each person – and completely hands-off for you.

You see, when someone opts into your Circuit, they’re at their peak of eagerness. This is the prime time to make them an offer. So you’ll give them your most compelling messaging – along with a deadline.

How CSS is different from other launch strategies


Circuit Sales System works because you'll use 2 home-run strategies to close the deal: scarcity and FOMO (fear of missing out).

In fact, the System is designed so that approximately 70% of people who opt in will buy within a few days! (At least, that's what a lot of people have experienced.) Caveat: CSS does not make any income or conversion guarantees.

And if they choose not to buy within that time frame, no problem! The doors automatically close for a set period of time. And they’ll automatically re-open once your lead has had a chance to really feeeeeeel that FOMO!

And it all happens in the background.

What My Clients Have Said

Since being officially certified as a CSS Copywriter, I’ve had the immense pleasure of working on several different Circuits. Each creator I’ve worked with has told me how excited they are to flip the switch on their Circuit. And they're even more excited by their sales!


Here's what a few of them have said...

Only 38 peeps have gone through the funnel and I've had 4 sales.

My video opt-in page is converting at 50% and my Fast Action sales page is converting at 20%. This is off to a very good start!


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