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Building a Business Is Like Dating...

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

When business owners like us are meeting our potential customers online, we're presented with a challenge: How do we move people through the cold distance of the interwebs and into the warm coziness of a mutually beneficial relationship?

As with most things, there are many ways to approach this transformation. Here’s an analogy for you, that I think works *especially* well for service-based businesses.

The Dating App

Social media is like online dating. You create a profile, post something attractive yet vulnerable, and prepare for the flood of messages. You put your best foot forward, introducing yourself to new people who might just be your perfect match!

Social media is a beautiful tool; a risk-free space for you and your audience to get to know one another. It’s a comfortable space for potential customers to begin to understand how your business solves their problems.

At some point, though, you gotta take the relationship seriously. You both want more out of life than witty repartee over DMs.

In this analogy, I’m saying that social media doesn't allow you to connect fully with your people. And you definitely don't have enough control over your message and how people interact with it. So, let’s take this thing to the next level, shall we?

Going Steady

If you’ve made a connection on social media, you can ask your audience out for a Real Date. Invite them to your website, where they’ll find out more about you! Ask them to go steady with you by offering to buy them dinner and getting their phone number.

Except in this case “dinner” is a lead generator, and “phone number” is an email address.

Here’s the part of the relationship where you build trust. Your homepage, their inbox. They get to know you better, and realize how much they LIKE you! And, as you continue to demonstrate your ability to meet their needs, your audience really starts to trust you.

Get Down on One Knee

Your website is where you start dating. The intimate setting. The whispered sweet nothings.

Keep that momentum going! When will you ask for the sale?

Every business has its own process or pipeline, so I won’t get too prescriptive here. The key is that no one will buy if you don’t ask them to, just like no one gets married without someone popping the question.

Your relationship with your audience will get stale and unfulfilling if you don’t make it down the aisle.

Implementing a Sales Funnel

What I’ve described here is also known as a Sales Funnel. It’s the process whereby you — the business owner — provide a vision and path for your customers to follow. Your funnel can help people fall in love with you, and it gives them space to say YES!

Copy is the only way to woo your audience.

You extend the invitation and give people a chance to respond through copy.

So what's your vision? How will YOUR people get from the dating app to the sale?

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