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What Dream Are You Pursuing?

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Every business owner gets asked this question when they're first starting out: What's your "why"? What are you working toward as you build your business? At first, I couldn't have told you much beyond the obvious -- make enough money to feed my family! But now I'm 3 years in, and it feels like a good time to share my story with you.

Before I Started My Business...

Three years ago, my husband and I were both working for nonprofits. We were about $75,000 in consumer debt. Our 4 kids aged in range from 2-12, and we had to say no to them. A lot.

  • We pulled them out of tae kwon do.

  • They wore shoes until their toes poked through.

  • The only adventures they had were with their grandparents (which was awesome for them, but my husband and I were never invited!!).

I was tired of living so close to the poverty line. And I had finally reached a point where I was ready to take control of my life.

I made a huge leap of faith and registered my freelance business on June 20, 2019 (happy birthday, WV!).

In January 2020 (just 2-ish months before the pandemic hit), I quit my full-time nonprofit career.

And by December 2020, I had earned the same salary as I'd been paid at my previous job. While working part-time and basically homeschooling my kids through the pandemic.

We paid off all our student loans and cars in time for my 38th birthday. And we finally started dreaming about saying YES to our kids!

Growing By Serving Others

Here we are, 3 years later and my business is expanding exponentially.

  • I'm able to write copy for businesses and nonprofits who are doing so much good in the world!

  • I'm a regular coach in a group for entrepreneurs who are scaling to the next level through launching a course!

  • I'm supporting new entrepreneurs as they figure out how to get their business off the ground!

I feel amazingly fulfilled in my work.

And the best part? Our family is on vacation for a WHOLE WEEK together! We've never been able to say YES to this much quality time. My husband and I have both taken the whole week off (except for me writing this post, of course).

It's been a rollercoaster rather than a linear path, and so SO worth it. I LOVE growing my business, which is all about supporting YOU as you grow YOURS!

So, what's your story? What are you hopes and dreams?

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