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Tools to Convert Prospects into Customers

There are lots of ways to achieve your business goals. Which one is right for you in this moment? Explore some of my most common solutions below (not an exhaustive list), and then let's have a conversation. We can make magic happen!


Email is a digital handshake. Whether you're sending a welcome sequence or a newsletter, it's the perfect way to say, "Hi! How can I help

you today?"

landing pages

A landing page lets you continue the conversation. Anticipate

- and answer - your customer's questions. Set yourself apart as an expert. Make. The. Sale.

Open Sign

Your website is your virtual storefront. Invite people to get to know your brand and give them a place to make a purchase!

Working With Me Makes Your Job Easy

Step 1: You reach out to me and we set up a "Discovery Call." We talk about your goals and how I can help you reach them. This call usually lasts around 15-20 minutes. If we both want to work together, we continue to...

Step 2: I send you a proposal, outlining my suggestions for the scope of the project and the cost. You either approve it as-is, or make some tweaks. Once we're in agreement, we move on to...

Step 3: We meet for our "Creative Brief." This is a longer meeting, where we'll get into the nuts and bolts of how the project will look, sound, and feel to the audience. I collect as much information as possible at the very beginning so that I have a solid foundation for...

Step 4: I write some really amazing copy for you. I send it to you (on time or early!), and we have a "Creative Review." You may or may not have changes you want me to make. When you are 1000% satisfied with my work, we proceed to...

Step 5: I send you an invoice, which has the exact same price on it as the proposal in step two (no surprises!). You put the copy to work, and (hopefully) watch your revenue skyrocket.

Easy, peasy. Start Step 1 right now!

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